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Send a used prosthetic limb to us... so we can recycle the parts and use them to make a "NEW" limb for someone.

Our goal is to provide amputees with artificial limbs they need to overcome their disabilities while accomplishing their own goals... whether that be returning to work,personal hobbies or interests, getting out of a wheelchair, participating in sled hockey, golf, basketball, fishing... we are here to help those goals become a reality.

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The Prosthetic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need, as well as get them involved in other activities such as sled hockey, golfing, basketball, fishing and more. Based in Houston Texas, the foundation was started in 2010 by Brandee and Brian Wiseman. Brandee has been in the prosthetic industry for over 15 years. Brian is a former Houston Aero and currently coaching for the Houston Aeros Hockey team.
The Prosthetic Foundation
Amputie with bicycle on beach

The Prosthetic Foundation accepts monetary donations from private individuals and corporate sponsors. We also accept donations of previously owned prosthetic devices. The components from the used limbs are used to bring restoration to the lives of amputees. Providing these devices will give amputees the opportunity to return to a productive job and normal lifestyle through the financial assistance from the foundation. A new device for an amputee allows them independence and freedom. These new devices that will be made will change lives... you can help people walk again!

Donations are truly appreciated and put to good use. If you know anyone who could use our services, please contact us at:

The Prosthetic Foundation
5047 Sherri Ann Rd
San Antonio, Texas 78233-6213